Steak & Whisky [Eat]

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After work I sometimes go for a run to the river extension on Pearl. On my way there I always drive by Josphine St. All the lights and the old building always catch my attention. I would see from the outside people having dinner, it looks so cute and romantic. Finally, I had the opportunity to visit Josephine St. the place is cozy, vintage and the atmosphere is friendly and laid-back. I love the fact that a 500-year-old tree is in the middle of the place, it makes this restaurant even more unique and charming. Also, the bar makes me think I am back in 1905.

I ordered the 7 oz Peppered Bacon Wrapped Filet [served with cilantro lime sauce or lime herb butter and course cracked pepper on top] as a side I ordered the Green Beans, which are one of the best green beans I’ve ever had (aside from the ones my aunt Betsy cooks). My boyfriend ordered the El Rey Burger [seasoned, juicy beef dripping with cheddar and topped with avocado slices, pickled jalapeños, mayo and house made ranchero sauce - caramelized tomato, onion, garlic and fresh jalapeños] and a side of onion rings. Those onion rings are too good they put them in every dish, I think. If you order something and there are no onion rings, make sure to order of side of them! They are delicious!

Finally, the best part of all, dessert! I was so full, but it was my birthday so, we ordered the Peach Cobbler with ice cream. It is the BEST Peach Cobbler I have had in my entire life (31 years to be exact.)

It is always good to know they have a Spurs Bus, that takes you to the games if you have dinner with them that day! That is so cool!

Josephine St. is located at 400 E. Josephine Street, San Antonio, TX 78215To learn more visit,

You might end up with a food coma, make sure to have a designated driver. 


Texas Wine Country [Travel]

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As some of you may know, last week was my birthday! So, I decided to celebrate it drinking wine! Texas has beautiful vineyards, located north of San Antonio near Fredericksburg, TX. That area is called Texas Wine Country.  Me and some family members decided to experience the whole wine tour. We went to Grape Creek, which is my favorite vineyard in the hill country.

The weather was perfect! We got there at 1:00 pm and our tour was schedule for 1:30 pm. For $30 you get a tour with explanation, a wine glass and a private tasting. Their wine is delicious! You can become a member of their Wine Club and get wine delivered to your door, every month! Also, they have a trattoria where you can eat, or you can bring your own hors d'oeuvre. 
We had a great time! If you like wine and want to learn more about how it is produced, I totally recommend you to visit Grape Creek. It is a great experience. Plus, you will appreciate wine even more! 

For more information, visit, 



Sushi for Lunch [Eat]

There is a Japanese place in the same business center where I work. I always forget how good this place is. Today, I had a lot of meeting and did not feel like driving somewhere to get food. I decided to eat at Koi Kawa Japanese Restaurant & Sushi.
They have daily lunch specials and their sushi is to die for!

For starters, I ordered the Sara Special Sushi Roll [I do not know what it has, but trust me it’s amazing]. As a main dish I ordered the Chicken Teriyaki lunch special for only $6 [bento box with grilled chicken, steamed rice, 2 vegetable dumplings, green beans with peanut sauce, cabbage salad and miso soup.] As you can see in the picture it was delicious and nutritious.

They only have their lunch specials available Monday-Friday, from 11:00-3:00 pm.  Also, you will want to order more sushi after tasting the first bite!  

Koi Kawa Japanese Restaurant & Sushi is located at 4051 Broadway San Antonio TX 78209.


Sunday Brunch at Liberty Bar [Eat]

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Brunch is the most important meal on Sundays, especially after having a crazy weekend! I usually go to brunch on Sundays with my friends.  This Sunday was not the exception! We decided to have brunch at Liberty Bar. This place is super good, either you want to have brunch, lunch or dinner. They re-purposed an old convent and made it a restaurant. They did a great job in the remodeling. Back to the food, we barely made it to brunch since it ends at 2:00pm.
I ordered the Huevos "New Braunfels” [scrambled eggs mixed w serrano, tomato, green onion & your choice of lamb sausage or pork sausage. served w/ black bean refritos, papas rancheras & house-made toast & jam.] and a cup of coffee, everything was delicious and just what I was craving.

My vegetarian friend ordered the Chilaquiles Norteños [sautéed legumes w/ poblano, onion, & crispy corn tortillas mixed w/ scrambled eggs. served w/ corn tortillas, vegetarian black bean refritos & roasted tomatillo salsa] she gave me some to try and they were delicious.

Liberty Bar is a great option for brunch, they make their food from scratch and the menu changes every now and then.


They only have brunch available until 2:00 pm.  

If you want to learn more about Liberty Bar visit
Liberty Bar is located at 1111 S. Alamo St., San Antonio, TX 78210

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