Mt. Rainier Hiking [Travel]

After whale watching, we planned to travel south of Seattle towards Mt. Rainer. We really like to hike, especially in cool places with pine trees and mountains. I researched beforehand and many of the views were amazing!

Since we left Seattle a bit late (8am) and it was a 2-hour trip, we had to choose a shorter trail and closer to our cabin. I was a bit disappointed at first since I wanted to hike a longer trail but once we started hiking Packwood I was glad we chose it.

The scenery was outstanding! Pine trees, mushrooms, squirrels, waterfalls, huge maple leaves, banana slugs, and there was even snow in some places.  We walked for about 4.6 miles to get to the lake. I really felt we hiked more than that because I was tired, once we arrived I realized it was totally worth it. The final destination had a breathtaking view.  A beautiful turquoise lake with a snowed peak on the background.

Packwood trail is a 9.2 mile, moderate hike. Here is a link with reviews. We went back to our cabin which we rented through Airbnb. We spent the night there and headed back to Seattle the next morning.

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