Handbags under $500 from Fashionphile [Steal]

Dress: Topshop // Bag: YSL // Shoes: Delman (no longer available) similar here // Sunglasses: Amazon

I am always on the lookout for handbags, even though I don't buy any, I still love placing them on my wishlist, waiting for the price to lower. 90% of the time the handbag gets snatched by someone else that has more determination than me. I am currently looking for a nude bag or even a black, something I can wear with everything. So, I put together a list of cool handbags under $500. From Stella McCartney to Gucci, they all are in Very Good to Excellent Condition. Sometimes buying used/preowned handbags is the smartest and cheapest way. See if you like any before someone buys it. 

Baby Registry Must-Haves

As a new expecting mom, you are probably overwhelmed by the thought of buying everything for the new coming baby. I totally understand that feeling! When I was pregnant, I had no idea what I really needed. Plus, every baby and parent is different. Despite that, several items are a must-have, no matter what. 

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