Tesalate Towels

Tesalate Towels

Now that summer is approaching, we are ready for some fun in the sun. I totally recommend Tesalate Towels. They are not only cute but ultra-absorbent; they are light and the sand doesn't stick to them! I went to the beach and confirmed these towels work as advertised! 

Styling Distressed Denim

On my last thrift shop visit, I scored really cool distressed denim. They have stars carved out and they fit like a glove! The brand is Pistola and never had I heard of it until now. I started researching and a new pair costs around $130. I got mine for less than $8! After washing them I immediately started thinking, how can I style them? 


How to Start Thrift Shopping

Today, someone asked me; "How do you find good pieces when you thrift?" "How do I know which pieces to shop for?" and then said, "I need your help!"  

Let's start by talking about why I ended up thrift shopping. I started thrift shopping back in college, I just loved the thrill of treasure hunting! Today, I still thrift shop for that reason but more so to be conscious about the environment. Nowadays, there is fast fashion everywhere, people wear pieces once and then toss them. I used to do that until I read a book about fast fashion and the consequences in the environment and in human lives. The name of the book is "Fashioopolis: Why what we wear matters". I encourage you to read it too, you will definitely have a different perspective on clothes.

Back to the initial question:
How to find good pieces?
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