Oversized Button-Down Shirt & Earrings [Steal]

One of my favorite wardrobe essentials is the classic white button-down shirt. I like it because you can wear it with almost anything and wear it anywhere! I got this oversized button-down shirt at TJ-MAXX for less than $20, it was a real steal! 

Sangria on the Burg | Fusion Flavors [Eats]

I came for the sangria...I left with a big smile and stretched pants!

My cousin and I decided to meet for drinks after work, so I suggested Sangria on the Burg since I heard really good reviews from some friends.


Double Buckle Belt [Steal]

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Back in 2015 was when I first spotted Kendall Jenner wearing a double buckle belt. I immediately thought I must have it! I first ordered one through Amazon, (Large Size) but it was extremely small. I was very disappointed and thought that maybe I just don’t look good with belts. So, I returned it and got over it.  


Knit Weather [Steal]

Winter is still here but in San Antonio weather is always unpredictable, one day it's too hot and the next day too cold. But today we have the perfect weather for a knit top because it is not too hot but not too cold.
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