Bachelorette Party Guide Las Vegas [Travel]

Last time I was in Vegas I was 26, single and full of energy. Five years later many things have changed. I am 33, married and not so full of energy. I could say I can't keep up with my younger self anymore. 

Mix Prints [Polka Dots and Stripes]

I have been wanting to wear an outfit with mix prints for a while. When I started looking for combinations I realized I do not have that many prints in my closet. My mother taught me to keep it simple and buy solid colors so they can last longer and mix and match easily.

Wrap Dress [Mix & Match]

I can't wait for spring weather to get here! The weather in San Antonio has been cool but no sun. It rains almost every day. Which is ok, but I will soon get depressed if the sun doesn't come
out.  To make my life a little warmer I started taking out all my sandals and spring dresses. I found this dress that I have only worn two times.

Burgerteca [Eat]

A few weeks ago my coworkers and I decided to try out Burgerteca. One of them read a bad review from the SA Express-News, so instead of not going, we decided to judge it by ourselves. Hey, there is no bad publicity.

Trench Coats under $100 [Steal]

Spring is almost here and that means rainy weather. A trench coat is a classic staple you should have in your closet.
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