Layered Lace Top

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I read somewhere that FASHION is what you buy, but STYLE is what you do with it. That has been stuck in my head for a while and it encouraged me to mix and match different items and use what I have in my closet. I have always had the idea that with some good basics in your closet, you can have endless options.

Lentils for Lent [Eat]

I can't believe Lent starts so early this year, the same day as Valentine's!  That means meatless Fridays. Although I have mentioned before that my diet is 80/20; 80% vegetarian and 20% eat whatever I want. Sometimes I have no idea what to cook, so I like to share with you guys all the meals that I have mastered and that you can make during Lent.

Hearts, Polka-Dots and Velvet for Valentine's [Steal]

This will be my first Valentine's day as a married woman. Usually, my husband surprises me with flowers or chocolates and I surprise him with some artisan beer or with his favorite candy and stay home. Although this year will not be any different, I wanted to share with you an outfit idea. Also, the huge steal I found.
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