Finding Steals in Polyvore

One of the biggest hassles of traveling is packing, well at least for me this is the worst part! I have always dreamed of being a millionaire, traveling without luggage and just buying all my outfits wherever I happened to stop. Unfortunately that is not reality, not even if I were a millionaire. That is why today, I will show you an easy and fun way to pack the right outfits from your closet.
·         Go to and sign up for an account, you won’t regret it. Polyvore is a webpage which allows you to create anything from outfits to home decorations and then shop your findings.

·         Create a collection with the name of your destination and its time to start being creative. Think what’s in your closet or what you can mix and match. I actually started using Polyvore to see if my outfits would look good without me trying them on.  

 ·         To browse easier, I usually filter it by type of garment, brand, and color.  Using the browsing function even allows you to find great deals.  If a piece of your outfit is not in Polyvore you can actually drag it from the web page you bought it from and add it to your collection. How cool is that?

 ·         Mix, match, create your collection and start packing.
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Below you will see some of my recent collections.


Eat and Drink on Rainey Street

My cousin's birthday was last Saturday and she decided to celebrate it in Austin, Texas. I asked some people for recommendations of where to go and everyone told me I should check out Rainey St. 

Rainey St. Historic District is located near Lady Bird Lake and Interstate 35, close to downtown. The street is full of historic bungalows turned into bars. You will find a laid back atmosphere, people with their dogs and a sea of cyclists. 

Our first stop was Scotty's BBQ, which is a food truck. Order the platter with sausage, ribs and brisket, also the cream corn is a must, its absolutely to die for.  

Brisket, Ribs and Sausage Platter - Perfect for sharing

Ribs make him happy

I licked my fingers...

Two ribs down and counting...

She doesn't even like pork

After licking our fingers and having an amazing dinner we headed out to bar hop.
First we went to Lucille's Patio Lounge to have some drinks. Lucille's has a hip and relaxed atmosphere, it is also dog friendly. The crowd varies from young college students to older adults. The bar counts two bars, one inside and one outside. It also has signature drinks, and I highly recommend ordering the Rainey Roma, it's just fresh and delicious. After a drink, we soon ended up on the patio playing corn hole and having a great time.  If you love your dog and feel bad leaving him home on a Saturday night, happen  to love good drinks, then this is the place for you. There is no food, but they are so nice that you are welcome to bring your own.

Signature Drinks


Birthday Girl

"Hamacas" are also available to chill

Next stop was Bangers , it's a beer garden that has over 100 beers on tap and the biggest variety of sausage in Austin. "I am in heaven", the reaction of a guy when seeing the 100 beers on tap. Although we had our fix of BBQ earlier, we couldn't leave without trying something. Try the Fried Bacon Mac & Cheese balls, you will not regret it.

100 beers on tap

Waiting to be seated

Fried Bacon Mac & Cheese Balls  

Enjoying his Turkey Bacon Avocado Sausage
Framboise - Picture provided by Heriberto Morales Jr.

 After stuffing our face with sausage and fried mac & cheese, we headed over to Icenhauer's. This bar had a younger and rowdy crowd, the newest music and people seemed to be more dressed up than the other two bars.
Picture provided by Rainey Street Bars

Icenhauer's has a younger crowd

Of course we did not go to every single bar, but I will definitely come back and check out the rest. If you want to learn more about Rainey St. Bars visit


Mérida [Travel]

Ready for the tour with our artisanal hats

Once again I visited Mexico! This time two of my dearest friends tied the knot in the beautiful city of Mérida. If you are planning to travel to Mérida this is a short, helpful guide of things to do and what to eat during your stay. I will also share some pictures of the spectacular wedding. I hope you enjoy!

The best way of sightseeing a city is on a Tour Bus, so ask your hotel concierge where the nearest stop is. Taking a tour bus will save you both time and money, it will also give you an overview of the history and culture of the city and you will have the opportunity of taking awesome pictures.

Mérida is located in the state of Yucatan. Yucatan is known for its heavy influences of Spanish, Mayan, French and British culture, which are represented on the architecture of this beautiful city.

Universidad de Yucatan


The Merida Cathedral in the background

The couple admiring the Mariachi Serenade 
The wedding took place at a beautiful estate "Hacienda" called "Hacienda Tekik de Regil", which dates from the late sixteenth century, during the colonial era.

Chapel inside the Hacienda
Old house

The wedding was very well planned and it was just spectacular and entertaining. It reminded me of the Great Gatsby, with everyone dressed in black tie and long evening gown attire. It was definitely one of the most elegant weddings I have ever attended.

Lorena & Jorge Luis, Just Married
Mixer before the Party
Folk Dancers performing the Bottle Dance

Mr. & Mrs. Enjoying their Dinner 

The First Dance as Mr. & Mrs. 

Enjoying the Party 
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