Finding Steals in Polyvore

One of the biggest hassles of traveling is packing, well at least for me this is the worst part! I have always dreamed of being a millionaire, traveling without luggage and just buying all my outfits wherever I happened to stop. Unfortunately that is not reality, not even if I were a millionaire. That is why today, I will show you an easy and fun way to pack the right outfits from your closet.
·         Go to and sign up for an account, you won’t regret it. Polyvore is a webpage which allows you to create anything from outfits to home decorations and then shop your findings.

·         Create a collection with the name of your destination and its time to start being creative. Think what’s in your closet or what you can mix and match. I actually started using Polyvore to see if my outfits would look good without me trying them on.  

 ·         To browse easier, I usually filter it by type of garment, brand, and color.  Using the browsing function even allows you to find great deals.  If a piece of your outfit is not in Polyvore you can actually drag it from the web page you bought it from and add it to your collection. How cool is that?

 ·         Mix, match, create your collection and start packing.
If you want see more of my collections on Polyvore follow me; my username is
irasemater-veen .

Below you will see some of my recent collections.

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  1. Cool! I should try Polyvore. Thanks for the advice!


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