Luxury Haute Cuisine

Several weeks ago my boyfriend and I decided to go biking downtown San Antonio. After all the biking we were hungry and thirsty, so we decided to stop for lunch at Luxury Haute Cuisine.

The Luxury is a very unique restaurant which is located in the Riverwalk extention. This restaurant is made out of shipping containers that serve as a kitchen, bar and a restroom and it has a big patio with picnic tables.  

If you are looking to have a relaxed time, eat good food, have some drinks and bring your dog along, this is the place for you.

After having a hard time choosing what to eat, (since everything sounded delicious) we ordered the Fried Chicken Sandwich, the Mexican Dog, an order of french fries and two beers. If you like onions, tryout the french fries with the special sauce for $1 more, you will not regret it! I wanted to tryout the Fried Chicken since it looked really good, but I could not stop eating my Mexican Dog. It had guacamole, sausage, bacon, ham, cilantro, onions and a special sauce. Oh my God my mouth is watering!

After ordering the food, instead of a call out number or name, they gave us a toy. Which I find really cool and unique.

Picture provided by Lili Quintanilla
I totally recommend this restaurant since I recently added it to my list of favorites.

If you want to bike downtown and do not own a bike, this venue offers the B-cycle, which is a bike sharing/renting system provided by the City of San Antonio. For more information visit:

After having lunch we went biking Downtown and South town. Here are some of the pictures. 


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