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The Granary Cue & Brew [Eat]

I had lunch at the Granary a few weeks ago. I was there with my coworkers. We ordered a few items to share in the middle. They ordered beans, potato salad, brisket, pulled pork, turkey, and salad (for the vegan folks). I had been there before but I do not remember being so delicious. 

Silk Scarf as a Hair Tie? Yes, No, Maybe So?

How do you feel about wearing a silk scarf as a hair tie? Last time I wore one was about 18 years ago! OMG, that makes me feel old! I remember wearing my smiley face silk scarf on my ponytail all the time! Back in the 90's when the peace and love sign, smiley faces and flower power were a thing. Well, it seems like the bows are coming back! Maybe the smiley faces too! ha!

Brunching at Cappy's [Eat]

Last weekend was fiesta and if you live in San Antonio, you know that it is a big deal! The city shuts down and we all party! Well, I had a very eventful weekend with my husband, family, and friends. On Friday, we were all off from work and headed to the cactus show at the Botanical Gardens. After that we headed to La Fonda had a couple of margaritas and had a delicious lunch. I wish I would've taken better pictures, but I was having so much fun with my mother in law, aunt, and hubby that I missed the opportunity of taking any good pics. Well, I know I am making this a long story, but La Fonda and Cappy's are owned by the same family, and they are both delicious.
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