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Pleated Skirt [Steal]

I have had this pleated skirt for about a month. It was polled on my instastories and was voted 90% YES. It was a bit tight but I bought it anyway because I have been looking for a pleated skirt like this for a long time. I made a small cut to the inner lining and it fits perfectly. This asymmetrical, pleated skirt is Michael Kors and I bought it for only $7 at Buffalo Exchange!  I found similar skirts for you that are less than $25.

Moshe's Golden Falafel [Eat]

I have been to this place like about 4 times and it never disappoints me. My cousin, which happens to be vegetarian wanted to go out for lunch, so I suggested Moshe's. She wanted Grimaldi's (which is amazing too) but since Moshe's is only open until 3pm it is harder to go than Grimaldis.

Leather Dress [Steal]

Leather Dress, Leather Overall, Leather Dress Outfit, Black Leather Dress Outfit
If you guys remember in my Instagram stories during one of the try on-session I included a leather dress. I got from a thrift store. Most of you voted yes, so I bought it. It was almost $20 bucks but it is real leather so I thought it was worth it. When I took it to the Dry Cleaner they said it would cost $75 to clean leather! I was shocked! So I found a way to clean it at home. Then, I went online to look for similar dresses and found many that are faux leather under $50!

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