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White and Lavender [Steal]

I am starting off this year with a cute color combo! Lavender and White Denim. I bought this top at Buffalo Exchange, it was voted 64% yes! I added a Chanel Pin to make it look more elegant. I really like this color and love how it looks with white. For 2019 I am going to try and wear more colorful things and try to combine them as much as possible. Making it seem I have a big closet.

Barbaro [Eat]

Two weeks ago I had brunch with my cousin at Barbaro. I had no clue what to expect, but I have heard good things about this place. The place looks vintage and super cute! I loved the atmosphere. There was only one waiter and you can imagine the service was a bit slow.

Pleated Skirt [Steal]

I have had this pleated skirt for about a month. It was polled on my instastories and was voted 90% YES. It was a bit tight but I bought it anyway because I have been looking for a pleated skirt like this for a long time. I made a small cut to the inner lining and it fits perfectly. This asymmetrical, pleated skirt is Michael Kors and I bought it for only $7 at Buffalo Exchange!  I found similar skirts for you that are less than $25.

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