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Wrap Dress [Mix & Match]

I can't wait for spring weather to get here! The weather in San Antonio has been cool but no sun. It rains almost every day. Which is ok, but I will soon get depressed if the sun doesn't come
out.  To make my life a little warmer I started taking out all my sandals and spring dresses. I found this dress that I have only worn two times.

Burgerteca [Eat]

A few weeks ago my coworkers and I decided to try out Burgerteca. One of them read a bad review from the SA Express-News, so instead of not going, we decided to judge it by ourselves. Hey, there is no bad publicity.

Trench Coats under $100 [Steal]

Spring is almost here and that means rainy weather. A trench coat is a classic staple you should have in your closet.
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