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Healthy Banana Bread [Eat]

I hate when any of my food goes to waste, especially fruit! I had 2 ripe bananas and some greek yogurt so I looked up a recipe for healthy banana bread. I also had recently bought some whole wheat flour from Trader Joe's and wanted to see how it tastes.

2019 Summer Trends [Tie-Dye]

Summer is here and Tie-Dye too! Yeah, you read correctly tie-dye, according to Harper's Bazaar this summer will be extremely focused on this print. It is circulating very strong! So, if you have your old beach t-shirt it's time to get it out!

Easy Tiger [Eat]

The past weekend I went to Austin to visit my sister-in-law. She suggested having brunch on Sunday at Easy Tiger since she lives right around the corner. She had mentioned this place before and when visiting San Antonio she brought a baguette from there.
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