Winter Whites [Steal]

We all have heard so many times that we are not supposed to wear white after labor day, well who ever said that was wrong! There is only one rule when it comes to fashion: whatever makes you feel comfortable and pretty. 

White is one of my favorite colors, so I decided to wear all white during winter, why not? Yes, I am wearing those white jeans I wore during spring and summer. I love this look, although it's tough trying to stay impeccably clean. See outfit details at the end. 

Winter Whites

2. River Island Jeans - On Sale!
6. Kate Spade Gold Monette Clutch- Not Available 

Last Minute Gift Idea [Steal]

I always struggle with gifts, I never know what to get anyone, specially when it comes to gift exchanges or white elephant. This year, I basically bought all my gifts through It helped me avoid all the crowds in the stores. While I was browsing a picture of a cooper mug appeared and thought it will be a great gift! 

To make it even better I added the recipe as well as the ingredients (except the lime). It was a Moscow Mule Kit. I re-purposed an old shoe box to place them, everything fit perfectly. 

This is a great non expensive gift! Plus, you can buy it at any liquor store, I assure it is less packed than the mall. You can also create other kits like Margarita glasses with the mix, Martini, etc.. Whatever drink you think they'll enjoy the most. 

You can print the Moscow Mule recipe I created. Save as an image and print! 


Moscow Mule Recipe Card

Hotel Emma [Travel]

If you are traveling to San Antonio and have not yet booked any accommodations, I suggest you keep reading this post. The Hotel Emma has just opened its doors in November of this year. This hotel is steeped in history, since the building dates from 1894, being home to the famous Pearl Brewery for many years, even during the prohibition years.

The hotel is breath taking and beautiful, it adapted the same architectural style and design as the brewery. Much of the machinery of the brewery remains inside the hotel, which makes it look fascinating. Entering the hotel is like transporting yourself back in time to the 1800's.

I visted the hotel because one of my best friends was in town and we decided to go for a drink at Sternewirth, the hotel bar. My favorite drink was the Babia Margarita. The place is casual and you can see people of all ages. What caught my attention was that they adapted cooking barrels in to small sitting rooms. We had a blast! Worth mentioning that they have a huge library, just like the one from the Beauty and the Beast.

Whether you stay here or just go for a drink and take pictures, it is worth the visit. 

For more information visit


Pasha Mediterranean Food [Eat]

One of my favorite Mediterranean restaurant in San Antonio is definitely Pasha. The food is so good that I could eat it for two days in a row, or more. My brother introduced me to this place a long time ago, when he worked near the area and his friends from the Middle East highly recommend it. Every since I visit Pasha probably once a month!

Pasha Mediterranean Grill strives to bring a unique and healthy alternative that does not disappoint.

I was there this weekend with my boyfriend and thought might as well share my review with everyone. 

For starters we ordered the Falafel Vegetable Patties [Deep fried patties made with ground fava beans, cracked wheat & chickpeas. Served with tomato, pickled cucumbers, turnips & tahini sauce.]

As entree I ordered my favorite dish, the Chicken Shawarma Plate [A generous serving of marinated chicken breast slowly roasted on a vertical pit & thinly sliced. Served with garlic aioli, hummus & Greek salad]. 

My boyfriend ordered the Gyro Kabob Plate [Two (2) skewers of lean ground beef & lamb cooked over an open flame. Served with hummus, Greek salad & tzatziki sauceand of course both served with the delicious, warm, handmade naan [flat bread].

For those vegetarians out there this is an excellent restaurant that has a vast variety for you. It is always good to know that this restaurant is BYOB or wine. 

To see menu and locations visit


Malinalli Bakery & Bistro [Eat]

This weekend one of my friends invited me to try some original Mexican "Tortas Ahogadas" which means in English "drowned sandwich." She kept telling how amazing they were so I had to try them for myself. 
This cute bakery and bistro has an array of tortas, from Ahogadas with pork to Portobello (for those vegetarians). I got there and I didn't even look at the menu, since I was very determined to have the Torta Ahogada [Golden pork carnitas, black beans spread, escabeche radish, avocado and the tomato chile broth]. The torta was amazing, all the ingredients in between and then dipping it in the tomato-chile broth was an explosion of flavors in my mouth! They also have aguas frescas, caldos and many other great food! Here is the menu so you can see for yourself: Malinalli Menu

We also had a delicious short cake with raspberry. I was looking at the menu right now and I am definitely going back to try many other things!

My favorite thing is that they bake their own bread and pastries! And my least favorite is that they close at 2:00 pm everyday! 

Malinalli is located at 2211 NW Military Hwy #127A, San Antonio, TX 78213


Four Costumes with One Bandana [Steal]

If you are a procrastinator like me and always struggle with halloween costumes, here are 4 easy ones that you can wear for that last minute party. The great part is that you might have everything in your closet. So, by using a red bandana you can create 4 easy customes. You can buy the bandana at the dollar store as well as the props.

Captain Jack Sparrow

French Girl


Rock Star


Rosario's [Eat]

This week I had the opportunity of having lunch at Rosario's.  I had been there a long time ago,  for dinner and drinks during first Friday. I remember just moving to San Antonio from Mexico and thinking every single "Mexican" restaurant was Tex-Mex, which I thought I didn't like. I didn't have anything to eat that day only drinks but I perfectly remember the atmosphere being loud and lively. Also, the decorations and the paintings gives it the perfect touch. 

After many years I finally tried their food! I found out it is real Mexican Food. The owner Lisa Wong, is half Mexican and half Chinese, but living in San Antonio, I would say she is more Mexican.  
I ordered from the lunch special, which is very affordable for the quality. I had "Pollo al Chipotle" [Chicken with Chipotle sauce over a bed of spinach, rice with cilantro, charro beans and of course home made flour and corn tortillas].  It was delicious and I would have loved to have had some margaritas, but I was on my lunch break and had to return to work.  I am definitely going back during dinner and enjoy the live music with some drinks. 

Rosario's has two locations, South Town and North. visit for more information. 


Faux-Suede Vest [Steal]

The cool weather has finally arrived and that means only one thing; I can use my Faux-Suede Vest! The color and material are just perfect for fall, plus you can mix and match it with numerous outfits. I decided to use it with this dark floral dress and some ankle booties. I added the floppy hat, because hats always makes your outfit look more stylish. 
Some of the items I am wearing are on SALE! Scroll down for outfit details.

Suede Vest Outfit

1. Max Studio Faux-Suede Vest  (On Sale!)
2. Wet Seal Monochrome Floral Shift Dress (on Sale!)
3. Soho Girl Floppy Hat (On Sale!)
4. Talon Ankle Boots  by Sam Edelman (Sold Out)
5. Ray-Ban Club Master Sun Glasses
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