Malinalli Bakery & Bistro [Eat]

This weekend one of my friends invited me to try some original Mexican "Tortas Ahogadas" which means in English "drowned sandwich." She kept telling how amazing they were so I had to try them for myself. 
This cute bakery and bistro has an array of tortas, from Ahogadas with pork to Portobello (for those vegetarians). I got there and I didn't even look at the menu, since I was very determined to have the Torta Ahogada [Golden pork carnitas, black beans spread, escabeche radish, avocado and the tomato chile broth]. The torta was amazing, all the ingredients in between and then dipping it in the tomato-chile broth was an explosion of flavors in my mouth! They also have aguas frescas, caldos and many other great food! Here is the menu so you can see for yourself: Malinalli Menu

We also had a delicious short cake with raspberry. I was looking at the menu right now and I am definitely going back to try many other things!

My favorite thing is that they bake their own bread and pastries! And my least favorite is that they close at 2:00 pm everyday! 

Malinalli is located at 2211 NW Military Hwy #127A, San Antonio, TX 78213

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