Rosario's [Eat]

This week I had the opportunity of having lunch at Rosario's.  I had been there a long time ago,  for dinner and drinks during first Friday. I remember just moving to San Antonio from Mexico and thinking every single "Mexican" restaurant was Tex-Mex, which I thought I didn't like. I didn't have anything to eat that day only drinks but I perfectly remember the atmosphere being loud and lively. Also, the decorations and the paintings gives it the perfect touch. 

After many years I finally tried their food! I found out it is real Mexican Food. The owner Lisa Wong, is half Mexican and half Chinese, but living in San Antonio, I would say she is more Mexican.  
I ordered from the lunch special, which is very affordable for the quality. I had "Pollo al Chipotle" [Chicken with Chipotle sauce over a bed of spinach, rice with cilantro, charro beans and of course home made flour and corn tortillas].  It was delicious and I would have loved to have had some margaritas, but I was on my lunch break and had to return to work.  I am definitely going back during dinner and enjoy the live music with some drinks. 

Rosario's has two locations, South Town and North. visit for more information. 

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