Hotel Emma [Travel]

If you are traveling to San Antonio and have not yet booked any accommodations, I suggest you keep reading this post. The Hotel Emma has just opened its doors in November of this year. This hotel is steeped in history, since the building dates from 1894, being home to the famous Pearl Brewery for many years, even during the prohibition years.

The hotel is breath taking and beautiful, it adapted the same architectural style and design as the brewery. Much of the machinery of the brewery remains inside the hotel, which makes it look fascinating. Entering the hotel is like transporting yourself back in time to the 1800's.

I visted the hotel because one of my best friends was in town and we decided to go for a drink at Sternewirth, the hotel bar. My favorite drink was the Babia Margarita. The place is casual and you can see people of all ages. What caught my attention was that they adapted cooking barrels in to small sitting rooms. We had a blast! Worth mentioning that they have a huge library, just like the one from the Beauty and the Beast.

Whether you stay here or just go for a drink and take pictures, it is worth the visit. 

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Pasha Mediterranean Food [Eat]

One of my favorite Mediterranean restaurant in San Antonio is definitely Pasha. The food is so good that I could eat it for two days in a row, or more. My brother introduced me to this place a long time ago, when he worked near the area and his friends from the Middle East highly recommend it. Every since I visit Pasha probably once a month!

Pasha Mediterranean Grill strives to bring a unique and healthy alternative that does not disappoint.

I was there this weekend with my boyfriend and thought might as well share my review with everyone. 

For starters we ordered the Falafel Vegetable Patties [Deep fried patties made with ground fava beans, cracked wheat & chickpeas. Served with tomato, pickled cucumbers, turnips & tahini sauce.]

As entree I ordered my favorite dish, the Chicken Shawarma Plate [A generous serving of marinated chicken breast slowly roasted on a vertical pit & thinly sliced. Served with garlic aioli, hummus & Greek salad]. 

My boyfriend ordered the Gyro Kabob Plate [Two (2) skewers of lean ground beef & lamb cooked over an open flame. Served with hummus, Greek salad & tzatziki sauceand of course both served with the delicious, warm, handmade naan [flat bread].

For those vegetarians out there this is an excellent restaurant that has a vast variety for you. It is always good to know that this restaurant is BYOB or wine. 

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