Tahoe [Travel]

My husband planned an anniversary trip. He wanted to go somewhere secluded where we could enjoy nature. He chose Tahoe. Since I am more of a city girl, we had to compromise and go to a place that has it both. So, we flew into San Francisco and drove 3.5 hours north to Truckee, California. It was a great adventure.

Mule Booties for Fall [Mix & Match]

Now that fall is finally here I wanted to post about these gorgeous Dolce Vita mule booties I got from DSW. These hybrid booties are perfect for Texas weather, which you all know is unpredictable. From the front, they are booties and from the back they are mules. Plus, I know I might sound very lazy but all you do is slip in your foot and you are all set! You really need to own a pair of mules! After you try them on you will not want to wear anything else. These cuties come in three colors, suede beige, suede grey, and leather black, which are perfect for fall and winter.


DIY Halloween Costumes [Steals]

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It is that time of the year again, Halloween! And if you are like me and procrastinate until last minute! This post is for you! I used items I found in my closet to create these costumes! I bet you can do it too! If not, you can always go to your local thrift store and spend very little.

2018 Fall/Winter Trend [Animal Print]

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Fashion week has passed and I really enjoyed looking at all the new trends designers come up with every season. Some fall trends that I can recall seeing are asymmetrical blazers, oversized blazers, the biker shorts (not everyone likes), the cowboy boots, animal print, belt bags, fringes, and checks/plaid, among others. I guess these were the ones that caught my attention. Knowing that I went thrift shopping for some of these trends. Guess what? I found several!
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