Tahoe [Travel]

My husband planned an anniversary trip. He wanted to go somewhere secluded where we could enjoy nature. He chose Tahoe. Since I am more of a city girl, we had to compromise and go to a place that has it both. So, we flew into San Francisco and drove 3.5 hours north to Truckee, California. It was a great adventure.

The first day we got around 3pm and rented a minivan. It took us 2 or more hours to get out of San Francisco. Traffic was insane! The view was nice though. We stayed at the Northstar California Ski Resort on a small cabin. It had one room, a kitchen, and a fireplace! I was not expecting to like Tahoe but it was my favorite part of the trip, to be honest. Since we got there so late there was nothing open. We had to drive about 12 miles to the nearest Safeway, which was 24/7. We stacked up on frozen pizza and wine!


We went hiking on Tahoe Rim Trail. Our goal was to hike 12 miles but ended up doing half since we started a bit late and didn't want to finish the hike at night. We wanted to see Lake Tahoe, but we were going down and to the side and could only see a glimpse. However, there was a trail crossing the road that was going up, and I pretty sure it has an amazing view. The smell of pine was incredible and just breathing fresh air was amazing. We had an awesome time hiking and seeing different vegetation. The next day we drove to Sand Harbor Beach in Nevada. It is about 17. miles from our cabin. This place was amazing. The beaches were clear and the lake breathtaking. It was cold but we decided to Kayak anyways. We rented two kayaks for $60. If you are there Kayaking is a MUST!

We made reservations at the Manzanita Restaurant located at the Ritz Carlton, which is located in the same grounds as our resort. I 100% recommend it! It stands for its reputation. I ordered a pasta with seafood, and it was AMAZING! Alex ordered a steak, which also was amazing. Our waitress was super friendly and gave us some tips on where to go. She recommended visiting Sand Harbor Beach (which we did, pictures are above). She also recommended a place to eat while we were down there called Brewforia. It is very close to Sand Harbor. I ordered a vegetarian burger that was really tasty and a peach cider, which was really good.

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