Gruene, Texas

Last weekend my parents were in town and I decided to take them to Gruene, TX for lunch. 

Gruene, TX is a small German town, located north of San Antonio, near the Guadalupe River. It was established in 1872 by cotton growers. It is a very touristic town and one of its main attractions is the Gruene Dance Hall, which is known to be one of the oldest dance halls in the USA, built in 1878.

We had lunch at the famous restaurant The Gristmill, which used to be the Gruene cotton gin until it burned down in 1922. Located under the Gruene water tower, and on the banks of the Guadalupe River, this restaurant offers a variety of South Texas dishes, from juicy steaks, to mouth melting burgers, and more. 

I recommend you order the BBQ ribs, although they are not in the menu, it is one of the most popular dishes and its delicious!  


Mix & Match - Black Skirt for Fall

Last year I bought a black skirt and only wore it twice. Yesterday, I found it while cleaning my closet and thought should I keep or toss?  So my head started making an infinite number of outfits and ended up keeping it. Eventually, I went to and started creating samples.

Here is the mix & match for the black skirt. 

    Black + Leopard

Black + Leopard

 Neon + Black

Neon + Black

Black + Pink

Black + Pink

Skull Sweater + Black Skirt

Skull Sweater + Black Skirt

Love Potion 

Love Potion

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