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Fluffy Vegan Pancakes

On Sunday’s I crave pancakes. Since I had no eggs at home I decided to look for a vegan recipe. I was willing to use some apple sauce since I had a couple of them. Surprisingly there was no need. I looked up the recipe and was shocked when reading the ingredients. I had them all in my pantry!

Mt. Rainier Hiking [Travel]

After whale watching, we planned to travel south of Seattle towards Mt. Rainer. We really like to hike, especially in cool places with pine trees and mountains. I researched beforehand and many of the views were amazing!

Easy Halloween Costume Idea [Mary Poppins]

Mary Poppins Costume, Costume Ideas for Halloween, Mary Poppins
I love dressing up, but as usual either I don't want to spend any money or I procrastinate till the last minute. If you are like me then this post is for you.

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