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Rent the Runway

Why buy when you can rent? Having a special event can be a little stressful, especially when it comes to the outfit. 

Rent the Runway has had my back since 2017! It is just the most affordable and sustainable way of wearing designer clothes! Plus, renting saves water, energy, and carbon emissions compared to buying new clothes.

Tesalate Towels

Tesalate Towels

Now that summer is approaching, we are ready for some fun in the sun. I totally recommend Tesalate Towels. They are not only cute but ultra-absorbent; they are light and the sand doesn't stick to them! I went to the beach and confirmed these towels work as advertised! 

Styling Distressed Denim

On my last thrift shop visit, I scored really cool distressed denim. They have stars carved out and they fit like a glove! The brand is Pistola and never had I heard of it until now. I started researching and a new pair costs around $130. I got mine for less than $8! After washing them I immediately started thinking, how can I style them? 

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