Styling Distressed Denim

On my last thrift shop visit, I scored really cool distressed denim. They have stars carved out and they fit like a glove! The brand is Pistola and never had I heard of it until now. I started researching and a new pair costs around $130. I got mine for less than $8! After washing them I immediately started thinking, how can I style them? 

The first thing that came to my mind was styling them with a floral print top and some sandals. But do stars and flowers clash? Well as you can see they don't! I am very happy with the look! Also, since the top is a crop I actually grabbed a piece of fabric from the hem and wrapped it around one of the jeans buttons, to keep it from pulling up. It kind of looks like a bodysuit! 

I found a few distressed jeans like mine... new and preloved! I included some cool designer brands, that are preloved, like Gucci and D&G. They cost the same as new non-designer ones but it is up to you what you prefer.



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