How to Start Thrift Shopping

Today, someone asked me; "How do you find good pieces when you thrift?" "How do I know which pieces to shop for?" and then said, "I need your help!"  

Let's start by talking about why I ended up thrift shopping. I started thrift shopping back in college, I just loved the thrill of treasure hunting! Today, I still thrift shop for that reason but more so to be conscious about the environment. Nowadays, there is fast fashion everywhere, people wear pieces once and then toss them. I used to do that until I read a book about fast fashion and the consequences in the environment and in human lives. The name of the book is "Fashioopolis: Why what we wear matters". I encourage you to read it too, you will definitely have a different perspective on clothes.

Back to the initial question:
How to find good pieces?

1. KNOW YOUR BRANDS: The first thing I look at is the style/print, if I like it then I take a look at the material. Once those two are approved I look at the label. I usually know a lot of brands because I love surfing the internet and "window shop".I always tend to like the same designers and learn their styles. If you are new and have no idea, just google the brand and style of the garment and you will find out if they sell at Walmart or Neiman Marcus. Not that there is anything wrong with buying stuff from Walmart, but if you want quality pieces then don't buy Walmart brands. 

2. ASK YOURSELF A FEW QUESTIONS BEFORE BUYING: When you find an item you like, before buying it, always ask yourself these questions: Would I sell this? Is the piece in good shape? Is it dry clean only? Is it worth the investment? Will I wear it more than once? How can I style it? All these questions will help you avoid impulse buying. 

3. VISIT THE STORE OFTEN: Like anything, the chances of finding good pieces increase if you visit the store more often. I am not saying to go every day, but if you feel like you went once and had no luck, well if you go again that might change. 

Take into consideration that while thrift shopping you will find a lot of new or current pieces because today, people tend to get rid of their clothes faster.  I have found many great designer items, like Versace, Diane Von Furstenberg, Fendi, Escada, Derek Lam, Michael Kors, Gucci, Versace, Christian Dior among others. Some of them are still in stores. 

Rember you can also shop online! Make sure you know your size well and ask if they can provide more information. I love shopping at Poshmark, Fashionphile, and The Real Real! 

I also found this article from Master class by Tan France (Queer eye) that might help you out: How to Thrift Shop: 11 Essential Thrifting Tips.

Here are some of my thrifting finds: Escada Blazer, ASOS Dress, Talbots Blazer, Opening Ceremony Trousers, Oversized Blazer, and Michael Kors skirt.

how to start thrift shopping

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