Guillermo's [Eat]

My husband invited me to lunch last week, he suggested several places near my office one being Guillermo's. He always swears by one of his coworker's recommendation, which is pretty accurate, most of the times. I've passed through that place so many times and I was always curious to stop by, but never did.

Tweed "Jacket" [Steal]

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When I see tweed the only thing that comes into my mind is Chanel! Crazy how this type of fabric became so iconic for that brand. I read that Mademoiselle Chanel got inspired by his boyfriend's tweed jacket in 1924. Still, Chanel produces the same style, a piece that I believe will never go out of fashion. Enough with the history lessons. Since this blog was created to find affordable pieces I want to share with you this tweed "jacket", although it is very far from being Chanel, I think it looks very nice!

White and Lavender [Steal]

I am starting off this year with a cute color combo! Lavender and White Denim. I bought this top at Buffalo Exchange, it was voted 64% yes! I added a Chanel Pin to make it look more elegant. I really like this color and love how it looks with white. For 2019 I am going to try and wear more colorful things and try to combine them as much as possible. Making it seem I have a big closet.
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