Guillermo's [Eat]

My husband invited me to lunch last week, he suggested several places near my office one being Guillermo's. He always swears by one of his coworker's recommendation, which is pretty accurate, most of the times. I've passed through that place so many times and I was always curious to stop by, but never did.

It is a big old yellow house with a deck, big TV's, a full bar and patio tables. I thought it was for downtown runners or cyclist because I couldn't see any parking space. After researching I realized the parking was on the back of the building and the place is bigger than it looks.

This is an Italian restaurant and although I was trying to be "good" and order salad, I couldn't resist the lasagna! I ordered the Mushroom and Spinach Lasagna, it comes with a house salad. The salad was amazing! It had pineapple, grapes, feta cheese, and the dressing was some sort of vinaigrette. At that point, I was regretting not ordering the salad, since it was delicious. Then the lasagna came out and it was a big portion. Half with spinach and marinara and the other half with mushrooms and creamy marinara. It was very tasty! I couldn't finish it so I took it home. Here is the complete ingredient description: Classic lasagna layered with our white wine pan sautéed spinach, mushrooms, house blended cheeses of ricotta, parmesan, romano, mozzarella and a touch of goat cheese. Complemented by a duo of marinara.

My husband ordered the Chicken Cilantro sandwich. I forgot to mention that my lasagna came with Foccacia bread, as well as the sandwiches. I did not try his sandwich, but he ate it all and said it was really good. Here is their Lunch Menu.

Overall I did enjoy this place. One of my observations is that they use a lot of plastic utensils, which I hope they recycle. Other than that I think I will be visiting them during summer and sip some margaritas on their deck! Guillermo's is located at 618 McCullough Ave. San Antonio, TX 78215.

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