Bachelorette Party Guide Las Vegas [Travel]

Last time I was in Vegas I was 26, single and full of energy. Five years later many things have changed. I am 33, married and not so full of energy. I could say I can't keep up with my younger self anymore. 
One of my closest friends is getting married and decided to have her bachelorette party in Vegas. I can say this is the perfect place for that. The MOH planned an awesome weekend full of great group activities. Vegas is an awesome place! It’s a city that never sleeps. I have been to Vegas at least 7 times in my life. I guess it’s the place where I have traveled the most and it never disappoints. Gamble, nightlife, top edge restaurants, and stores. Vegas has a glamorous atmosphere and I assure you that once you go you will want to come back. 

The trip was planned for a weekend, Friday to Monday. Here are 6 great activities you can do if you are planning a bachelorette trip to Las Vegas with your best gals. 

For the first night in Sin City, the MOH planned to go to XS at the Wynn where the Chainsmokers where playing. I had heard several songs and I was on the fence about these guys. But after watching them perform, I have declared myself a fan. We had so much fun. We partied until 4am and I think I used all my energy on that night. Ps. Be careful when you buy tickets. Some tickets say general admission but you will be outside the club at the pool area and not close enough. I luckily bought my ticket in the entrance and was in the first row. I paid $125 and it was totally worth my money. Usually, XS has some of the best DJ's. Nevertheless, wherever you go in Vegas an awesome DJ will be hosting. 

The second-day itinerary started with partying at a beach club. We went to Marquee since we were staying at the Cosmopolitan. The DJ was Dash Berlin and although it was a little cold we had a great time. Fireworks, dancers, smoke, and tons of upbeat people enjoying the music and day drinking. Make sure this activity is part of your trip, you won't regret it. 

JLo recently started her Vegas residency concert “All I Have” and couldn't miss the show. This lady has my most sincere admiration. She is such a good performer and gave an amazing show! She has amazing scenography and choreography. She performs from "Jenny from the block" to "On the floor". She even dedicates a song to her kids. I am not going to lie I cried a little during that performance. I also danced and sang along with her! This show is amazing! If you have the chance, go! 

The MOH surprised the Bride-to-be with a party bus! I think this was one of my favorite activities! We rode the bus for an hour, with the music of our choice and sipping champaign. The driver made a stop at the Vegas sign. I have never been to the sign in my life! We took some pictures and then we hit the road. We had so much fun! It was not expensive at all and it was totally worth it! You can contact Sam Kassa at to book a limo or in this case a bus! 

This was such a fun activity and after going to JLo's show I was super motivated to dance just like her. Of course, I am not even close to it but we worked out, laughed and learned some real sexy moves! In all seriousness, pole dancing is not easy! I have bruises and I am still sore from trying to make the moves. Although I had taken this class 5 years ago, it was not the same! I really enjoyed dancing along with my friends. If you are interested the place is called Pole Fitness Studio. 

Vegas has some of the best restaurants in the country! There are many options. Although I wanted to try many we had to chose one. We all decided to try out Beauty & Essex since it has really good review. This place has a pawn shop in the front and a restaurant in the back. The portions are small so make sure to order enough. I had the tuna wonton tacos and they were amazing. I also tried the seared scallops which were also amazing. This is a great place to dine while in Vegas. 


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