Coloring Books for Grown ups [Steal]

As a child my favorite hobby was coloring books. More than playing with Barbie or playing house, coloring books were my passion. I grew up and never again I colored a book, since it was child's play. Recently, my boyfriend's sister introduced me to this coloring book for grown ups. I colored with her and I loved it! My boyfriend surprised me with the same book called Secret Garden and some colored pencils. I immediately began coloring and enjoyed it even more than when I was a child.

Johanna Basford is the artist behind the book and her illustrations are spectacular. She never imagined to sell so many copies, but they are a great success. This October a new book will come out called Lost Ocean. I can’t wait to finish Secret Garden so I can start the new one.

The book has helped me de stress and relax, plus it brings back fond memories of when I was a child. Plus, some of my favorites illustrations will most likely end up framed and hanged somewhere.

You can buy it on for only $9.74. If you want to learn more about the artist visit her web page;   


FruitMix [Eat]

My roommate invited me to try this new place in San Antonio called FruitMix. This delicious juice bar, aside from offering a variety of fresh juices, offers subs, salads and (drum favorite) frozen yogurt. They literally have a fruit bar and you choose whatever fruit you want to add to your frozen yogurt.  FruitMix is perfect because it's healthy and delicious, so you won't feel so guilty after all. 

I ordered their signature Caesar Salad [romaine lettuce, boiled egg, parmesan cheese, avocado and their secret caesar salad dressing, topped off with grilled chicken]. It was AMAZING! 

I can't leave this place without my frozen yogurt! I added fresh strawberries, blueberries and pineapple, topped with honey and granola. The great news is they do not charge by weight!

I totally recommend this place, they are located at 7007 Bandera Rd ste 14, Leon Valley, TX. 


Shorts & Booties [Steal]

Fall is just around the corner but if you’re living in Texas that means that hot weather will still be around for a while. I recently went shopping and found these super cute Circus by Sam Edelman booties. I couldn’t wait until the cool weather arrived so I decided to wear them with shorts, a fringed top, and a black hat to accessorize the outfit.  

Find the outfit details at the end of the post.

Shorts & Booties

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