Coloring Books for Grown ups [Steal]

As a child my favorite hobby was coloring books. More than playing with Barbie or playing house, coloring books were my passion. I grew up and never again I colored a book, since it was child's play. Recently, my boyfriend's sister introduced me to this coloring book for grown ups. I colored with her and I loved it! My boyfriend surprised me with the same book called Secret Garden and some colored pencils. I immediately began coloring and enjoyed it even more than when I was a child.

Johanna Basford is the artist behind the book and her illustrations are spectacular. She never imagined to sell so many copies, but they are a great success. This October a new book will come out called Lost Ocean. I can’t wait to finish Secret Garden so I can start the new one.

The book has helped me de stress and relax, plus it brings back fond memories of when I was a child. Plus, some of my favorites illustrations will most likely end up framed and hanged somewhere.

You can buy it on for only $9.74. If you want to learn more about the artist visit her web page;   

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