My Top 10 Makeup Products

Coping with quarantine has been a struggle. I have had ups and downs, plus my pregnancy. It is hard to try and keep it "normal" because it is not normal being home for more than 50 days. However, I am thankful to have a home, a job, health, and a supportive husband. All right let's focus on what I really want to talk to you about; MAKEUP!
The first few days of quarantine I did not wear anything aside from my SPF 15 moisturizer and concealer. Then, I started thinking that I should at least wear BB cream and mascara. Little by little I started using more of my products until I eventually got my old routine back.

Here are my Top 10 favorite products, which I use daily and will create a natural look.

1. Cetaphil SPF 15 moisturizer: I have been using this for at least 20 years! (wow I feel old). This was recommended by my dermatologist. I have mixed skin and have tried other moisturizers that have higher SPF or are antiaging and my skin has had a bad reaction to them. This is lightweight cream and helps with dry areas without making your face look greasy.

2. Origins Anti-Aging Serum: Since I love my moisturizer but still need to take care of aging marks, I use this Anti-Aging Serum from Origins. It is also lightweight and I usually wear it during the day and at night, before bed. This product can be a bit pricey but Origins always has good deals, like this "Be Youthful Pack" that contains other products and is cheaper than buying just one. I really recommend this product if you are starting to get face lines. 

3. Origins Pore-Perfecting Primer: This cooling, frothy foam primer leaves your skin looking fresh. I usually wear it before the BB cream. It helps reduce the appearance of pores, and it also works as a primer. Plus, it smells really good, like all of Origins products. 

4. Essence Concealer: This concealer is only $3.99 and it covers very good! I have tried other brands and even more expensive ones, which have caused rashes. I could say Essence does a great job with their products. This has been one of my favorite products.  

5. Tarte BB Cream: Don't expect full coverage with this product, it is not makeup, it's BB cream, which makes your skin look natural and without any blemishes. I really like the soft, creamy, lightweight consistency. Plus, it has SPF 15, which never hurts!

6. Milani Powder: You can find this powder at your local pharmacy. It is only $10 but it covers pretty well. I really like it and wear it on top of my BB cream. I use a brush to blend it. It helps hide any blemishes that were not covered the BB cream.

7. Doll 10 Blush: I got this blush on one of the Ipsy bags. I really like it since it is easy to apply and has a creamy and soft texture. I just add a little bit in my cheekbones and in my nose.

8. Essence Mascara: My cousin actually recommended this mascara. She loves mascaras and has tried all of them and this is her favorite and mine too. She read in a magazine that this was a top-rated product and let me tell you, it is awesome! Plus, it is only $4.99! Can't beat that. Again Essence providing good products at a low cost. I love a steal!

9. Essence Brow Gel: I discovered this one at a photoshoot. They were doing my makeup and used this product on my brows. It makes a difference and it gives your brows a natural look. 

10. Nyx Matte Lip cream: My husband bought me for Christmas a case with like 20 different lip creams. My favorite color has been "Rome". It just makes my lips look natural. Plus, it stays on for a long time. 

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