Nursery Ideas for baby Girl [Steal]

It took us a while to finish the nursery. In the beginning, I had no idea what I wanted.
I started looking for one type of furniture style and ended up with something totally different.  

I wanted a crib that looked more like mid-century. I love the mid-century modern look. But after researching prices and deals I ran into this Delta Farmhouse crib from Target that is 6 in one.
Yes, you can convert this crib into 6 different things, a toddler bed, daybed, love seat, full-size bed with headboard, and complete full-size bed with headboard and footboard. So we will be using it for a while.

The dresser changer is also from Target and it's under $200. I wanted something where I could change the baby and also store things since the baby room is a bit small. This room used to be our guest room, so I kept the bed in case anyone wants to babysit! Also, if we want to sleep in the same room as the baby.

The rocking chair was one of my favorite pieces and it was under $140. It is from Wayfair and currently out of stock, but I will make sure to include similar ones. I was between the pink or green rocking chair. I ran a poll on Instagram and the majority voted green. I love the contrast! It is a bit small, but I am 1.53 so, it works perfectly.

For the rug, I was between a white or pink. I fell in love with this one from Pottery Barn. But it was $300, which was a bit out of my budget. I started looking for one that looked similar without the high cost. I found this one on It looks kind of similar. 

The tassel garland was made by me! While browsing Pinterest, I ran into a garland from Pottery Barn and thought to myself, I think I can do that. I had tons of yarn and decided to make it. In case you don't have the time to create one here is a similar one from Etsy that is a bit cheaper than the one from Pottery Barn.

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