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I will be blogging about destination weddings often. As I mentioned before I am in that stage where all my friends are getting married or having kids. The destination: Riviera Maya.
This is one of my favorite places; it is a true paradise. You can expect sun and warm weather all year round with an average temperature 86 °F.
I stayed in Playa del Carmen at a small hotel called Bambu Suites . Playa has a lot to offer, restaurants, shops and a vivid night life. If you visit Playa, you better walk thru La 5ta Avenida (Fifth Avenue) since you'll find everything you’re looking for.
Musts in Playa:


Tulum is a MUST, it’s only 30 minutes away from Playa del Carmen. Tulum was one of the last cities inhabited and built by the Mayans.  

We started off the tour by renting bikes for only $70 pesos. We visited the ruins and ended the tour at Playa Paraiso, where we went snorkeling. The people there will charge you about $150 pesos and will provide the snorkel equipment as well as a detailed tour.

Wedding Day
The wedding took place in Xcaret , which is a magical place! Everything was delightful and spectacular. The bride and groom transmitted their love, happiness and positive vibes to the guests which made the party's atmosphere unique.  

 Capilla de Guadalupe


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