Fiesta San Antonio [Travel & Eat]

Fiesta San Antonio started as a parade in 1891, honoring the heroes from the battles of Alamo and San Jacinto. This is the city’s biggest festival that takes place every spring. 

Fiesta is one of America’s greatest festivals. Over 3 million people attend more than 100 events, taking place all over the city. This huge economic impact, rakes in more than $284 million for the City of San Antonio. The funds raised provide services to citizens throughout the year.

Literally, the city shuts down for 2 weeks to celebrate Fiesta! However, I have lived in San Antonio for 10 years and always manage to forget about it. This year my co-workers organized an outing during lunch. We went to the Market Square and sure enough, in middle of the work day, the place was packed with happy people, drinks and of course lots of comfort food. 

If you happen to be in San Antonio or live here and have never been, make sure to attend one of the many events. Fiesta will end on Sunday April, 26th, so you still have time! 

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