Gone Fishing! [Travel]

This weekend I visited my family in my hometown, Brownsville, which is located near the South Texas Gulf Coast. The truth is that every time I visit them I’m dying to go to the beach. I love fishing with my family, it's a tradition we've had since we were kids. We went to South Padre Island and fished for a few hours. The ideal is fishing on a boat, but due to time we decided to stay at the jetties. Another good place to fish is at a pier.

Spending time in the beach and feeling the breeze is the best feeling ever. We caught several fishes, but none passed the appropriate measurement to keep/eat. We saw the beautiful sunset and the moon rise. It was a great family time. 

South Padre Island is one of the best places for family vacation, year round. Besides fishing there are many other activities you can do, such as: dolphin watching, jet ski riding , enjoying the beach, horseback riding, water parks, restaurants and bars, among many other.

I hope to come back during summer and enjoy many other activities. To learn more about South Padre Island visit www.sopadre.com

My Dad caught a cat fish 

Sun Set 
Moon Rise

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