Skittles Infused Vodka [Drink]

Last weekend my boyfriend came back from Las Vegas with only 2 big bags of skittles as his total winnings. Both bags were opened so he put them in a cookie jar. Every time I saw the cookie jar the skittles will scream; "eat me", as I was eating them, I realized he had a big bottle of Vodka in the freezer and decided to make 2 small shots of our favorite flavors, strawberry and orange. I left them infuse for 24 hours. The following day we had strawberry and orange skittle vodka. We mixed it with some berry juice and the results were AMAZING! That day we found ourselves infusing all the flavors. 
Now, I want to share with you guys how to infuse your own skittles Vodka in a few steps.  


  • Big bag of Skittles (14 Oz)
  • Big bottle of Vodka
  • Containers 
  • Coffee Filters 

Step 1
Separate Skittles by color and place them inside the containers. 

Step 2. 
Add 4 shots of Vodka to each container and shake, shake, shake Señora. 

Step 3
Let them infuse for 24 hours. Since we only had 4 containers, we infused the sour apple and lemon together. 

Step 4. 
Filter them to remove gum (white paste). Use the coffee filters. Try to filter it twice.

Step 5. 
Make a shot or drink and enjoy! I made a shot with the orange vodka and berry juice. I call it Berry Orange. 

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