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Recently, a friend asked me if I had any good restaurant recommendations. I stated a few, but then she asked me if I've ever been to Chela's Tacos, which I said no. She went off talking about how good their street tacos were and how they recently opened a new location by my work. I was very intrigued, and as a taco lover, I couldn't resist it and ended up going the following week. Actually, I visited Chela’s several times before writing this post. I have ordered different things, but today I will focus on my favorite ones; the "Taco de Asada" (beef taco) and the side of Chips and Guac. The Asada has been by far my favorite casserole, but I still have a few more to try. The guac was delicious and fresh. As a good Mexican I like to smother everything with avocado, so I prepared my taco with some guac and purple onions from the salsa bar.

My friend ordered the "Costra de Asada", which is prepared by grilling cheese with beef and placing it on top of a corn tortilla. This is also amazing! (You can share this dish, it's super big). They have a salsa bar, with different condiments and spices. The corn tortillas are handmade and are delicious and big. I was satisfied with one taco and a side of guac.  

They also offer breakfast tacos, which I still need to try! See complete menu HERE 

Chela's is located at 5231 Broadway Ste. 117, San Antonio, TX 78209 and their Food Truck at the The Block by UTSA, 14530 Roadrunner Way San Antonio, TX 78249 at The Block. 

One time I ordered the taco combo that comes with beans and rice, the beans did not taste as I was expecting and the rice was meh! I recommend to stick with the tacos.

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