NOLA Brunch in San Antonio [Eat]

Are you obsessed with New Orleans style food? Do you love Brunch? Then NOLA Brunch is the perfect place for you! This restaurant recently opened in San Antonio and since I love both NOLA food and brunch I decided to check it out.
The restaurant is an old bungalow house. They did a great job remodeling and making it look like one of those French Quarter houses. The atmosphere is chic and casual. The interior decor is super cute and the place is small, which makes it feel cozy.  

I ordered the Shrimp and Grits. The sauce tasted amazing, it was spicy and combined with the grits it was an explosion of flavors. It comes with a biscuit on the side, which also was super good. One of my friends ordered the Hashbrown Crusted Trout which was my second option. He said it was a little hard to cut (the crust) but the taste was amazing. Someone else ordered the Uptown Eggs Bennies, which was also super tasty. 

As a dessert, we ordered the beignets. We ordered one of each. They have 3 flavors, lemon, coffee and regular. The order comes with 4 so we order one of each and 2 regular ones. My favorite by far was the lemon! They were pretty tasty, but nothing beats the taste and texture of the original New Orleans beignets. 

I also heard this place is BYOB and that they have a jazz band during the weekend. I will definitely go back with my champagne bottle for some mimosas and a dose of jazz! 
They are open every day (except Sundays and Mondays) from 8am - 2pm. 

NOLA Brunch is located at 111 Kings Ct San Antonio, TX 78212. To see complete menu go to

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