Mexican Themed Bridal Shower [Steal]

The month of June has been a month full of bridal showers! I've had one every week so I will be posting about them. Initially, I wanted to get married in Mexico with tequila and delicious Mexican food, but at the end, we decided it will just be easier to do it in San Antonio. When my mother asked me what I wanted for my bridal shower I told her that all I wanted was tequila and Mexican food, so her and my aunts threw me a small Mexican Party. 
My mother and aunts cooked all the "guisos" (Mexican main dishes) and my cousins and I decorated and prepared the "Palomas" which is a very famous Mexican drink (grapefruit juice, squirt, lime, and tequila). 

My mother loves to organize gatherings where everyone wears the same color. We asked everyone to wear something white. It was a White, Mexican Party (that sounds weird). 

I bought these super cute margarita glasses at the dollar store! When I saw them I fell in love with them. It was a perfect party favor. I printed small tags that said "gracias" and had a sharpie for the guests to write their names and for them to keep the glass. We recycled some tequila bottles to use them as flower vases and I bought some "Papel Picado" to decorate. We also bought some cute flower crowns at

It was a small and full of love gathering! I love my "tías" and all my friends that made the time and effort to be with me during this special day! 

I bought this dress at a while ago and it just matched perfectly with the theme. Scroll down to see complete details! 

Mexican Bridal Shower

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