Things to do in Lima [Travel]

Lima is the capital of Peru and it is located in the coast. There are a lot of things to do in Lima but since we were there for only 2 days we just did a few things. Below I will point out what to do and where to eat (very important). We started our tour downtown Lima, to be precise at Plaza San Martin. 

Centro de Lima - Plaza San Martin y Plaza de Armas 
Plaza de Armas and Plaza San Martin are linked by the pedestrianized shopping boulevard, Jirón de la Unión. So we decided to start our route at Plaza San Martin and end it at China Town. This plaza is really nice I really love how it is very well preserved and all the beautiful flowers. The landscape is very colorful. Also, the buildings that surround the plaza are Neocolonial style which makes you feel like as if you were in Europe. After taking a few pictures and admiring the place we headed to Plaza de Armas. Walking through the shopping boulevard you will find colorful buildings and churches. Make sure to take some pictures. 

The Plaza de Armas or Plaza Mayor is one of the most beautifuplazas I have ever seen. The yellow buildings and all the wooden balconies are just breathtaking. Also, the beautiful cathedral and the Government Place adds a charm to it. This is the birthplace of the city of Lima as well as the center. Stroll around and admire it. 

Iglesia y Convento de San Francisco (Catacombs)
This convent is very well known for the catacombs that lie beneath the church. Make sure to take the tour. They will take you through the convent and show you artwork that dates from the 1620s. Also, this place has a world-renowned library that possesses about 25,000 antique texts, which I find fascinating. The tour takes you to the underground catacombs. - If you suffer from claustrophobia you should not take the tour. It is pretty narrowed and the ceiling very low. Plus, they keep addressing the earthquake that happened in 1970, which makes the anxiety worse.-  Speaking of earthquakes, these crypts are built of bricks and mortar and are very solid and have withstood earthquakes so you will be pretty safe down there. In the catacombs, you will see thousands of human skulls and bones. It is pretty creepy and scary but it is worth it. I have never been to a place like this! Also, pictures are not allowed so I only got to take this one of an Arabic style ceiling, which pretty cool. 

China Town
Since we were roaming around all day we were extremely hungry and decided to try out some Chinese Food (my husband is a big fan) from Wa Lok or "Chifa" like Peruvians like to call it. The area is very authentic, almost all stores have their signs in the Chinese language. Wa Lok was pretty packed! That was a really good sign. We finally got a table and we had one of the best Chinese food ever! I am not kidding! If you have a chance to eat there do so! You will not regret it. 

The last thing we did during our stay in Lima was touring the district of Miraflores. We took the MiraBus and it took us through the Pier, the Huaca Pucllana, which is the only pre-Inca ruin remaining in the area and through the most iconic places. I always like to take a tour bus because it is the best way to move around and learn more about the place. This was a short but nice tour. We ended it by having lunch at Francesco. You must try their ceviche! It is the best ceviche I have ever tried in my life!

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