Our Wedding

On September 30th of last year, I got married to my best friend. It has been a great year and thought it would be a great opportunity to share with all of you a little more about our journey towards saying I do. Here are some fun facts about Alex and me and our wedding.

©      We met in 2013 and it was a blind date, so not all blind dates are terrible. In my case, I could say they are the perfect way to meet someone! 
©      He is Cancer and I am Capricorn. Apparently, a match made in heaven. Which I just found out this past weekend. 
©      He is an accountant and I work in advertising. 
©      He is an introvert and I am an extrovert. Opposites attract! 
©      He proposed in NOLA in front of St. Louis Cathedral on a family trip, I thought I was being pranked. HA!
©      I wanted to get married in San Miguel but decided San Antonio was closer for all our relatives and friends. 
©      We booked the first venue we went to. (Alex convinced me).
©      Our reception was in a Vineyard called Oak Valley Vineyards.  
©      I was my own wedding planner. The venue helped ALOT! 
©      I did not lose weight for the wedding. I didn't even try. 
©      My dress was Vera Wang and bought it for a very good price. 
©      My shoes were Kate Spade. 
©      I used my sister-in-law's vail since her and my brother could not make it to the wedding at least  I had a little piece of them. Plus that was my something used. 
©      It rained every single day of the week before the wedding. The day of the wedding the sun came out and not a drop of rain came down. It was the perfect weather too. (It was my dad's gift from heaven). 
©      I got married in a Catholic Church.
©      My mom and my oldest brother walked me down the aisle. 
©      One of my best friends made the wedding cake and it was cajeta flavor, so good! 
©      We gave koozies and wine glasses as party favors. 
©      The signature drink was Sangria.
©      My father-in-law gave an awesome speech!
©      We had empanadas Chilenas as appetizers and they were a hit! 

I really enjoyed our wedding and felt that we were amongst the people we love the most. 
It was an incredible vibe! 

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