Pregnancy at 35

I usually don't share personal things through here but today I feel motivated to share my pregnancy experience with you. I know I have been MIA for a while now, but there has been a lot going on in my life. Aside from having a lot of work my belly has been growing. I realized I was pregnant last October. I was shocked! I mean I knew it was going to happen since I was not taking any precaution but I thought it was going to take a bit longer.
I am not going to say I was the happiest! I was confused, scared and I couldn't believe it. I think it is normal to feel however you want to feel! No judgment here. After acknowledging that I was carrying a human being I started to feel happier. My husband kept telling me I was a superhuman! (which we are).

In the first few weeks of my pregnancy, I started spotting. It was like when before you get your period, mild blood, pinkish color. I went on google and it said it was normal. I did not tell anyone I was pregnant, I did not announce it on social media (until today). I was a bit scared of what might happen.  I went down to Brownsville to surprise my brothers (which both are doctors). They were extremely happy! I then told them about the spotting and they freaked out! I freaked out too and was feeling pretty sad. After a few weeks, I finally got a doctor's appointments and my spotting was gone. The doctor told me that as long as it's not heavy flow (like a regular period) it was perfectly normal.

During the week 11-13 doctors recommend taking the nuchal translucency test. This is a pretty simple test. They measure the baby through a sonogram, and it focuses on a small clear space at the back of the growing baby's neck called nuchal fold. This can determine if the baby has genetic abnormalities. They also draw blood from your finger as part of the test. I was very sure nothing was wrong with the baby. After 2 weeks the doctor's office calls and tells me that the results came back ABNORMAL! I was devastated! I couldn't believe them, I asked what does that mean? They said that it meant my baby has a probability of having a genetic disorder. No one wants to hear that! They referred me to a high-risk specialist. I was extremely stressed and sad even though I kept reading that this test does not define anything, it's just a statistical percentage.

I scheduled the appointment with the perinatal doctor as soon as possible. The earliest date they had available was January 14, my birthday. I turned 35 years old which is the age when pregnancy is considered "geriatric". My husband somehow managed to keep me calm during those days. They sent us to talk to a nurse where she asked all about our family health history. She went down a long list of family medical history questions, which most of them were marked as no. She asked if there were any Down Syndrome cases in our family. We had just lost my mother's youngest sister, Martha, she had Down Syndrome and passed at the age of 53. I answered yes, the nurse went ahead and said this increases the chances of us having a baby with genetic disorders. I felt a punch in my gut. She kept going and asked if I had polycystic ovary syndrome, which I said yes, a long time ago. She said this condition can't be cured only treated and it increases the percentage of having a baby with a genetic disorder. Another punch in the gut.  She then gave us several options for a genetic test, including one called CVS, which could cause abortion. I refused and told her I would take the blood test which is 99% accurate and non-invasive. After having this awful conversation with the nurse they took us for a sonogram. The technician asked if we wanted to know the baby's gender, which we both said YES! I needed some good news, so she revealed we were having a BABY GIRL! Finally, the doctor arrived and said everything looked good, except for the baby's size. She said the measurements are of a baby 1 week younger (which makes sense because I calculated that on my What to Expect App).  They got the blood sample and we went home.

After having the worst 2 weeks of my life, thinking the worst! The results finally came back! I was praying 24/7 and going to church every day. I was stressed, sad, emotional. I couldn't stop feeling that way until the results assured me that everything was going to be ok. I was afraid to even answer the phone every time it rang. They called me and let me know that the results came back low risk. This means the probability of having a baby with a genetic disorder was very low. I finally felt like a burden was taken away from me. I could finally breathe! I was so thankful to God and all the people that prayed for me and the baby. I did encounter negativity from people you would think be the most supportive and end up being the ones to tell you to be realistic and expect the worse. I guess it could prepare you for it, but that is not what I needed.

Today, I am 27 weeks (6 months) and about to enter the third trimester. It is crazy how maternal instincts kick in (for some of us) from the beginning. As a friend told me; this is only the start, being a mother is not easy and it comes with many responsibilities. But I am sure it is all worth it! Hope you enjoyed my experience. Don't be afraid to ask, stay always positive and onward! If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. I would be happy to ease some of your concerns.

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