Henri Matisse in San Antonio

The San Antonio Museum of Art is having an exhibition featuring Henri Matisse, (French 1869 -1954). The "Life in Color" exhibition was brought from the Baltimore Museum of Art and it features more than eighty art pieces.  

Matisse was one of the most important and influential artists of the twentieth century. His paintings are full of color and emotions. 

The "Life in Color" exhibition ends September 7, 2014. If you are an art lover, you will enjoy it. Here are some of my favorite pieces. 

San Antonio Museum of Art

"Seek the strongest color effect possible... the content is of no importance."
-Henri Matisse


The word odalisque etymological term comes from the French form and originates from the Turkish odalık, that means "chambermaid". By the XVIII century the term odalisque referred to the erotic artistic genre in which an eastern woman lies on her side on display for the spectator.

Here are some of my favorite odalisque paintings by Matisse. 

"Looking at art should be like sitting in an easy chair." 
- Henri Matisse

"It is not enough to place colors, however beautiful, one beside the other; colors must also react on one another. Otherwise, you have cacophony."
-Henri Mattise

For more information on this exhibition please visit, www.samuseum.org

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  1. Very Informative and entertaining! I will definitely go see this exhibit. Thank you for the insight and suggestion to go see it!


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