La Panadería

I was looking for authentic pan de muerto (sweet bread used to celebrate the day of the dead) in San Antonio and remembered a few weeks back I had a sample from "La Panadería" (The Bakery) at the Sunday's Farmers Market at the Quarry, so I decided to give the place a try. This bakery gives you the whole Panadería experience, meaning the look and feel Mexican bakeries have. When you come in, you get a tray and tongs to pick your own bread. I loved it! It definitely brought me childhood memories back.

The bread is simply delicious; I couldn't decide what else to get aside from the pan de muerto con cajeta (sweet bread with caramel). However, I ended up buying the concha de vainilla (vanilla sweet bread), since it’s always been my favorite and the pineapple empanada. Needless to say, they were exquisite! I lived in Mexico for many years and traveled there many times and I have never tried bread this good. I am definitely glad we have this store in San Antonio.

Aside from the baked delicacies, they also offer lunch and dinner. If you want to try out La Panadería, they are located in 8305 Broadway, in San Antonio, but if you want to see their menu and learn more beforehand, visit

Pan de Muerto 
Pan de Muerto con Cajeta


  1. y no probaste las tortas? se me antojo la de milanesa jajajaj

    1. No, pero regresare a probarla de chorizo con huevo! YUM!


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