Rocoto's Sabor Latino Grill

If you want to try authentic Peruvian food, Rocoto's Sabor Latino Grill is one of the best options in San Antonio.

They have famous dishes such as Ceviche de PescadoLomo SaltadoAji de GallinaAnticuchos, among other. They also have an assortment of Peruvian sodas, Peruvian beer, pisco and wine. 

I wanted to order everything, unfortunately I can only handle one dish at a time. I ordered the Pollo en Salsa Roja - (chicken stew cooked slowly in sofrito sauce with tomatoes, raisins, red pepper, potatoes, green peas and garlic.) Served with Cilantro-Spinach Rice and a House Salad. Doesn't it sound delectable?

I also tried the Lomo Saltado (sautéed strips of Angus tenderloin with onion tomatoes, fried potatos soy, garlic and aji amarillo.) Served with white rice. For dessert I had an Alfajor, it was so good I ordered some to go. 

This restaurant offers big flavors at a small price. Prices range from $5.00-$25.00.

Rocoto's Sabor Latino Grill is located at 10555 Culebra Road, San Antonio. For more information visit;

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