La Siberia "Best Tostadas in Town" [Eat]

This weekend I visited a new Mexican restaurant in town, "La Siberia Taquería". Although, they are extremely famous in Matamoros-Brownsville (my hometown) this is my first time trying them. I even remember my mom talking about how she would go there all the time to eat tostadas with her friends, when she was younger.   

I was craving Mexican food so bad and wanted something that tasted like home and this place really hit the spot! They make authentic Mexican food. Plus, their tortillas are handmade and fresh; what else can you ask for?

I ordered their famous “Tostada” [guac, chicken and sour cream] I added pickled onions with habanero and jalapeño. It was super delicious!  To drink I ordered my favorite Mexican drink “Jamaica” (Hibiscus), which is also freshly made there.

My boyfriend ordered the “Tacos Pirata” on corn tortillas [fajita, sausage, bacon, mozzarella cheese, onion, and cilantro in 4 handmade tortillas]. My mouth is watering as we speak. They were delicious too! We were extremely happy! Although we were pretty satisfied, we wanted to try the fresh flour tortillas as well, so we ended up ordering a “Taco Pirata” on Flour! It was AMAZING! (we shared, the tortillas are huge, as you can see)

If you are craving authentic Mexican food, I totally recommend this place. It’s like you never left home! They even have the "Cueritos en Escabeche" which reminded me of my grandma’s house. 

La Siberia Taqueria is Located at 6900 San Pedro Avenue, Suite # 113 San Antonio, Texas 78216. To see complete menu visit,

You will probably need to wear stretchy pants, because you will end up ordering the whole menu. 

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