Down On Grayson [Eat]

Last weekend, I planned to meet up with some of my friends, to tell them all about my engagement! We wanted to go to a nice place to talk, that offered good food and drinks. We decided to try out Down on Grayson. So, we meet for lunch on a Saturday. When I got there the atmosphere was relaxed and fresh. Down on Grayson is a casual, Modern-American restaurant that serves a mixture of classic and contemporary dishes

I started off by ordering a frozen margarita (which is my favorite drink). Then, for lunch I ordered the GRILLED SANDWICH DU JOUR, (sandwich of the day) which was a Rueben sandwich with a house sauce and a side of French fries. I usually wouldn’t order the Rueben, but our waiter convinces me and he was right! It was super good, grilled to perfection and the cheese was amazing! The fries were also very good.

One of my friends ordered the CRISPY CHICKEN SANDWICH (panko crusted chicken, baby Swiss, tomatoes, pickles & house-made balsamic slaw) and it was also delicious!

Finally, we ordered the STRAWBERRY CAKE (6 layers with fresh strawberries blended into the batter and icing. Topped with Strawberry buttercream icing). It was AMAZING! I love strawberries, so it was perfect! After that I went into a food coma.

Down on Grayson is perfect for a casual lunch-dinner with family and/or friends, you can bring your kids and even your dog. I really recommend it and probably will be coming back soon.  It is located on 303 East Grayson, San Antonio, TX 78215. For more information visit

Portions are too big, try to share with someone. I was planning to take my left overs home, but as usual I forgot the box on the table.

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