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Have you heard about The Real Real? I first learned about them through the many fashion bloggers I follow on Instagram. The Real Real is an online luxury consignment store. They are well known for having experts inspect every item they sell/buy, to ensure they are 100% authentic. I have bought several items that I absolutely adore, including my Fendi Baguette Bag in the picture above. The cool thing is that I can always sell it back to them through their White Glove Service. It's like recycling luxury goods! Plusit's good to know that when you buy and sell used goods you are being sustainable and helping the environment. With that in mind, I partnered up with them to tell you all about my experience with their White Glove service.

I organized a small brunch with some friends that were interested in selling their designer items and that wanted to learn more about the White Glove service. They brought all their purses, shoes and accessories that were just hanging in their closet taking up space, items they no longer use. They were ready to turn their closet into cash!

My Experience with White Glove Service

My assigned White Glove agent in San Antonio was Brandi Deemer. She was very knowledgeable about the brands we had and was extremely helpful and friendly. She explained the whole consigning process with The Real Real, which I found out was super easy and convenient.

After getting to know her a little more, she examined the items we wanted to consign and chose the ones she considered would make the most cash. Thenshe photographed and uploaded them to The Real Real system. It is good to know that she takes care of shipping. So basically all you have to do is sit back and wait for your items to be sold.  

One of the questions that arose was the commission per item. Brandi explained that commissions for this month are as follows: 

Commission Structure

  • 50% - All items with an original resale price of $200 or less
  • 55% - $201-$1,500 in sales
  • 60% - $1,501-$9,999 in sales
  • 70% - $10,000 or more in sales
Increased Commission Promos
  • 80% commission on handbags that are $5k+ 
  • 80% commission on men's sneakers that are $500+
Fine Jewelry and Watch Promos
  • 70% on fine jewelry that are $1k+
  • 70% on watches priced over $1K
  • 85% on watches priced over $2,500
Click here to see the commission chart.

Remember The Real Real only consigns designer items. If you are planning to sell make sure the brand is listed on their sitehere is the list. 

What I love about this service is that they basically take care of everything, photographing the itemsevaluating the cost and shipping them to their warehouse, where all the magic happens.  All you have to do is contact the White Glove service and they will pick up your items and sell them. 
Some people might think they can make more money with other consignments stores, maybe they could, but The Real Real does all the work for you and only sells authentic items, which is why I trust buying/selling with them. 

To conclude, I just want to say that you will make more money selling your designer items than having them dusting in your closet. 

If you are interested in the White Glove service please contact please visit, therealreal/consign
If you live in San Antonio, contact Brandi at brandi.deemer@therealreal.com and tell her Irasema Ortiz from TreastBlog sent you.  

The Real Real, Make Money, consignment, Vintage,

The Real Real, Make Money, consignment, Vintage,

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