Dress over Pants Style Challenge [Mix & Match]

Dress over Pants, Style, Dress and Pants Outfit, Dress over Pants outfits
Ever since I bought a see-through dress from ZARA and wore it over pants, I have been trying to style all my other dresses. I love dresses but it's always more comfortable to wear pants. Plus, my office is always freezing so I have an excuse. I went on Pinterest for ideas and found a lot of street style using the dress over pants, especially during fall/winter. One of my favorite style icon being Leandra Medine. I have always loved people that dress effortless and look amazing! She is the perfect example.
After looking for style inspiration I decided to wear for three consecutive days dress over pants! I documented all of the styles. I hope you enjoy them. After this challenge, I will be wearing this style more often. It is a win-win situation, I use my dresses and not freeze to death at the office. Plus, I could say my tops just doubled! 

Tie Front Shirt Dress
The first day of the challenge I wore this shirt dress that has sleeves as ties. I got this dress about two years ago and actually wore it as a dress a couple of times. It was kind of short and I felt very uncomfortable. Plus you could see my shorts under the dress if I lifted my arms (I chafe really easily). Since I love this dress style so much I couldn't toss it, so I wore it as a top! What do you think? I love it. I wore it with skinny white jeans and some red high heel sandals to add a little color. 
Dress: SheIn // Shoes: Who What Wear // Bag: Vintage (similar here) // Pants: Paige // 
Sunglasses: Jessica Simpson 

Floral Dress over Two Tone Wide Leg Jeans
I was going to post about this dress earlier but never got to it. I wore this cute floral dress on the second day of my challenge. I love the color combo because it matches with my earrings. Also, I was going to wear red high heels but I can't bear to walk on high heels all day long (I am getting old).
Overall this dress made me feel very cute and comfortable. I felt like people really acknowledge the outfit, not sure if they loved it or hate it but it caught their attention. I wore it with my favorite wide leg jeans and my baguette Fendi vintage bag. I also added a belt because I had to accentuate my waist. 
Dress over Pants, Style, Dress and Pants Outfit, Dress over Pants outfits
Denim: Hidden (similar here)  // Dress: CeCe (similar here and here) //
Shoes: NineWest (similar hereBag: Fendi vintage (similar here) // Sunglasses: Jessica Simpson  Earrings: Zara (no longer available)

Button Up Dress over Lavander Denim
This look is one of my favorite. I love how these two colors look, black and lavender. By the third day, I felt pretty confident about wearing a dress over pants. I think it looks stylish and somehow contemporary.  I altered this dress a little. I actually cut the dress bottom lining so that you could appreciate the color of my jeans. I really liked the outcome. I bought the dress and denim both at Target. The dress is old from Who What Wear and the jeans are Universal Thread and are still available. I added a hat and my ark bag to add a little bit of summer.

Dress over Pants, Style, Dress and Pants Outfit, Dress over Pants outfits
Denim: Universal Thread  // Dress: Who Wear What (similar here) // Shoes: Steve Madden //
Bag: Amazon // Sunglasses: Leith (similar here and here

Off the Shoulder Stripe Dress
I was only going to do the challenge for three days but, what the heck! I went ahead and did it one more day! I really like this dress but the only time I've worn it I was very uncomfortable because of the length. You know I can't wear dresses without shorts or Spanx under because I get chafe very easily. So, I had it hanging for a whole year in my closet. Now I can wear it with pants! This challenge has really opened my mind about wearing whatever the heck I want! Also, it made me think about how many options I ignored because of the "fashion norms". So from now on, I'll just go by one rule, wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident! I hope you all enjoyed this challenge. If you have other ideas you want to share please do!

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