Swimsuits for All Body Types [Steal]

I try to visit the beach every year, this year is not the exception. I try to buy at least one new swimsuit. Last year for my bachelorette trip, I bought several swimsuits, which weren't quite flattering. I started thinking about which style would fit better, so I researched my body type. I found that the most common female body types are Apple, Banana, Pear, and Hourglass. To find out which is your body type click here.
After figuring out my measurements I found out I was a banana shape. All this time I thought I was an apple. No wonder some pieces weren't as flattering as others. I found swimsuits for every body type, but it always goes back to wearing what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Also, all the pieces posted are under $50.

Apple Shape
Let’s start with Apple shape. Geometrically this shape is a triangle downwards. Most of the fat tends to concentrate in the middle section. Look for pieces that elongate your figure and provide a balance. 

Types of swimsuits for this body type are:
  • Smocked fabric especially in the waist to create a better definition
  • Front tie wrap helps trim the waistline with its crossover fabric, plus it hides the belly
  • A high-waisted suit, they help with your lower belly section. Plus, they are trending.
Apple Shape Body Type

Banana Shape
Apparently, this is my type of body and the most common one. Geometrically this shape is a rectangle and it is also known as Athletic with no curves. Look for pieces that have ruffles and ones that accentuate the waist to create the illusion of curves.

Types of swimsuits for this body type are:
  • Swimsuits with bold prints, ruffles, and flair that create the appearance of more curve.
  • One-piece with cutouts near the waist or two different colors with an accent in the waist.
  • Smaller bottom to make your midsection look longer and makes an illusion of more curves.
  • Tie-side swimsuits enhance the curves.Banana Shape1. Ruffle One Piece // 2. Pinstripe Halter // 3. Crochet Bikini

Pear Shape
If your hips are bigger than your bust than you are Pear Shape. Geometrically this shape is an upward triangle. Look for pieces that flatter fuller thighs and legs. Cute printed or ruffled bikini top, deep cutline will make your body look curvier.

Types of swimsuits for this body type are:
  • A skirted bottom that falls below the largest part of the upper leg. 
  • Neckline or something that draws attention to your upper section.
  • Try not to wear boy shorts 
Pear Body Type

Hour Glass Shape
Enough with fruit shapes. This shape is typically presented as the ideal shape. I mean who doesn’t want a small waist, big boobs, and a big booty? Geometrically this shape is represented with two triangles opposing, like an hourglass. Look for pieces that accentuate your curves.

Types of swimsuits for this body type are:
  • Asymmetrical suits to emphasize the neckline
  • Color blocking also highlights the shape
  • High waisted suits also highlight the figure.
Hourglass Body Type

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