Moshe's Golden Falafel [Eat]

I have been to this place like about 4 times and it never disappoints me. My cousin, which happens to be vegetarian wanted to go out for lunch, so I suggested Moshe's. She wanted Grimaldi's (which is amazing too) but since Moshe's is only open until 3pm it is harder to go than Grimaldis.

I always order the Classic plate, which comes with 3 falafels and all the sides you want. The sides are the best part! Obviously the falafel too, but everything tastes so good and fresh. For $2 we also ordered pita bread to share. I am not vegetarian but if I could eat this every day I think I could easily become one! (except when there are tacos).

I really love this place, food is always freshly made and has a great flavor. If you happen to work/live near Olmos park, don't hesitate in paying a visit to this place. Moshe's is located at 3910 McCullough Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212 and they are open Monday to Saturday from 7am to 3pm and weekends from 5pm-9pm too. 

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