San Francisco [Travel]

After spending time hiking and kayaking at Tahoe we went back to San Francisco. We made a quick stop at NAPA and just went straight to the first vineyard in the map, had a wine tasting and went back on the road. I will probably go back in March to NAPA so I will be posting more about it then. Let's talk about San Francisco.

Most of the hotels in San Francisco are very expensive, so my husband got an Airbnb close to the airport in San Bruno. Since our flight was departing really early and we didn't want to miss it. There are cons and pros about staying close to the airport. The pros are that it is way cheaper, close to the airport and not too far from the touristic area. Cons are that obviously, airplanes came and go, plus there was a train near our place so there was a lot of noise day and night. But overall our stay was good, the place was clean and safe.

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