Castello di Amorosa -Day One [Napa Travel Guide]

I just came back from Napa, I was there for a bachelorette trip. I had such an amazing time! Drinking wine and most importantly spending time with my girlfriends! I know Napa sounds too relaxing for a bachelorette trip, but let me just say "this is 30".  In this post, I will show you what we did the first full day in Napa. We visited Castello di Amorosa and had dinner at Gott's Roadside restaurant. Next week I will post about my second day in Napa!

Day One in Napa
Castello di Amorosa
First stop was at Castello di Amorosa. This castle opened to the public in 2007 but started construction in 1992. Determined to make the castle authentic in every aspect, Dario Sattui only used old, hand-made materials and built it employing the same methods and materials that have been used 700-800 years ago, to make it look as authentic as it can be. The results are astonishing! We bought the self-guided tour, that provides 4 wine tastings and for $6 we added the chocolate experience. It was so much fun, pairing the wine with chocolates and learning more about white and reds. This vineyard is a must if you visit Napa. Castello di Amorosa is considered an architectural masterpiece with all the elements of an authentic medieval castle, such as a moat, drawbridge, fice towers, high defensive ramparts, courtyards and loggias, a chapel, stables, an armory, and even a torture chamber. It has 107 rooms in total and no rooms are alike. I felt as if I was in a fairytale, like Shrek.

Because the castle is so big and we got there a bit late we did not have any time to visit another vineyard. We decided to walk about half a mile down to take pictures of the Welcome to NAPA VALLEY sign.

Gotts Roadside
After walking for about three hours and tasting many wines, we decided to have dinner at Gotts. This place is very casual and it is always packed. I ordered the impossible burger and had a bite of the tuna tacos!  I also tried the garlic and sweet potato fries. Everything was delicious! I totally recommend it! I did not take any pictures of my food since I was so hungry. But you can see a picture of the place at the end of the post.

Vista Collina Resort
We stayed at Vista Collina Resort. This resort has 9 wine tasting rooms a bar, restaurant, grocery store, spa, pool, and many other awesome features. I really enjoyed my stay here and would recommend it to anyone traveling to Napa. They also have special events and it's kid-friendly.


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