Sterling and Beringer - Day 2 [Napa Travel Guide]

Napa Valley,  Sterling Vineyard, Beringer Vineyard, Napa Travel Guide

On the second day, we woke up really early and visited Sterling Vineyards first.

Sterling Vineyard
This vineyard is famous because of its view and the gondolas that take you up and down the mountain. We paid $30 for a self-guided tour and 4 tastings. We got there and got into the gondola, and the first tasting is right there. I love touring the place with a glass of wine in hand. Everywhere you see you will find amazing scenery. The staff was extremely friendly and would answer any question. They actually provided a 50% off coupon to use in any sister vineyard/winery. So we decided to visit Beringer.

This vineyard has a beautiful house and a pink flower tree next to it, that makes it look like a painting. We saw it several times from the road when traveling to the other vineyards and we kept wanting to visit it so we did. It is worth mentioning that this vineyard is California's oldest continuously operating winery, it is 141 years old. To read complete history click here.
Since we had 50% off coupon we decided to take the Taste of Beringer Tour. The tour guide was very knowledgable and told us the complete winery's historical events. While sipping wine, we stopped at a sensory garden and learned about winemaking and culinary history. Then we enjoyed a seated tasting in the Rhine House with a flight of reserve wines paired with seasonal culinary treats. This tour was my favorite since we paired the wine with food and learned about pairings. I also started liking white wine, especially Chardonnay.

I recommend visiting both vineyards and maybe ask for any coupons, next time you are there.

Napa Valley,  Sterling Vineyard, Beringer Vineyard, Napa Travel Guide


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